Things That Are Making Me Happy

I loved everyone’s suggestions to our interior decorating dilemma. I think the idea of inviting family to create design boards through Pinterest is brilliant, and would love to have anyone else who would like to be involved to do so as well, since several of you expressed interest in it.

I, obviously, should probably get started on something like that as well.

Before I get into all that, however, I wanted to jot down a list of things that right now are making life in the bus a bit easier or a little more enjoyable for me.

Note: this post contains affiliate links. Purchases via these links (even of items not directly linked) help support our family and our totally normal life at no additional cost to you.

Our water heater – Before the move we purchased a gas water heater off Craigslist for $175. Immediately after the move we discovered that the particular model we purchased was impossible to convert from natural gas power to propane. Yay.

Noah then found this little guy online and it has far exceeded our expectations. We have never once run out of hot water (unless we run out of propane) and just having that one simple thing that hasn’t had lots of problems  induces huge amounts of gratitude around here. Huge.

Melamine sponges – Remember the fancy computer desk that Noah made by hand for the bus? desk

The other day while I was in the bathroom, Finn managed to grab a pink permanent marker and draw all over the top of it. And the computer screen. And himself. Lily then got a few more marks on it while writing her name on the strap of a medal that she earned in class for reading 10,000 pages (Did I just sneak in a brag about my kid right there? Why, yes. Yes I did.)

A little bit of a water on a melamine sponge (AKA “Magic Eraser“) and it was totally gone. It also took acrylic paint off the laminate floor that somehow got tracked in after a craft project. (Who the heck is monitoring these children?)

Amazon sells them in bulk for much, much cheaper than you can buy them in the store. Seriously, go check it out.

Educational DVDs 

If TV is the new opiate of the masses, educational DVDs are like opiates with added vitamins. They keep the children quiet, but also let me think that they’re getting something that’s good for them. Wins all around.

Some of our current favorites include Walking With Dinosaurs, anything by Bill Nye the Science Guy, The Magic School Bus and the National Geographic Wildlife Collection.

Emmaline is also insisting that I include Frozen on this list. Which, I mean, I guess is educational in that it taught the girls all the words to Let it Go? Which, of course, means that Noah and I now know all the words to Let it Go, so the whole family learns something new with that one. (Wouldn’t you know it? They’re singing it RIGHT NOW.)

Fresh Eggs – Our neighbors, the ones with the tractor, are out of town for the next couple days and invited the girls to take care of their chickens while they’re gone. So, for the price of a walk up the hill and changing some water, we get farm-fresh eggs. It’s good livin’.

And yes, Finn has already managed to smash at least one inside. Of course, he then proceeded to cover it with cracker crumbs and wait expectantly for me to come in from hanging laundry out to dry with a huge grin on his face. I think he was a little confused by my reaction to that one.



I know I said we weren’t gardening right now, but we decided to start some late seedlings and the idea of home grown peas and eggplant and tomatoes and what-have-you is extremely exciting for me. Assuming I remember to water them. Which reminds me that I forgot.

So… I should go take care of that.

What’s making YOU happy right now? Also: is there something that you’re forgetting to do? Consider this a friendly reminder.


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5 thoughts on “Things That Are Making Me Happy

  1. This post is making me happy right now! Sounds like a good day, glad to hear it! One other thing, I made my raised veggie bed (Thanks for the wood) and soon it will be up on my hill and my pumpkins, and sunflowers will have a home! Take care! oh, also…I’m happy that I just got tickets for us (You, Me, Reagan, Marley and her friend) to see The Fault in Our Stars for Sunday at 2:45! Yay! See you soon!

  2. I have Let It Go permanently stuck in my brain, so I sympathize with you!

    And I love that so many things are making you happy. Those sponges are awesome, I randomly got some for a Christmas present this year (I know, weird right?) and they are a lifesaver. Speaking of which, I also got Lifesavers for Christmas. 🙂

  3. We loved The Magic School Bus. Now my kids watch dumb things that are not remotely educational and bore me to tears, so I don’t watch movies with them anymore. Gone are the good ole days of Veggie Tales, Magic School Bus, Mr. Rogers, and The Berenstein Bears (sp?), etc. I still sing the songs to my grown kids and they roll their eyes at me and plug their ears. My son was addicted to Walking with Dinosaurs and Rescue Heroes and my daughter to Land before Time (ugh) and Ms. Fritz.

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