Storage Pod Vandalism

Graffiti as an art form:







Thank you, friendly neighborhood tagger, for expressing yourself for the world to see.

Have you ever had something vandalized? Commiserate with us in the comments!

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10 thoughts on “Storage Pod Vandalism

  1. Oh no!!! Nick has dealt with so many punks doing that to his storage at the church. At one point he considered camping out sniper style with his paintball gun to catch them. We must still have a paintball gun around here somewhere that you can borrow…. 😛

  2. Sarah and Noah, It is truly amazing that there are people out there who lead such empty lives with no structure, faith or meaning that they are driven toward bad deeds. I was very sad to hear this. You are brave, strong and smart to start this journey so your family can have a beautiful new home. We are so happy for you and await every new blog entry!! Stand tall, take a deep breath and carry on. Love, Shirwin and Dick

  3. diesel fuel on a rag should take off the grafitti off.dont worry about the sign we will change it at the end of the rental .chuck with cool box.

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