A Soggy Interlude

It has been as dry as a bone here in Southern California. I was reading news reports the other day saying that we’re heading toward what looks like a “mega-drought” that could last hundreds of years.

So, of course, we woke up this morning to this:


Which means this:


And some more of this (Noah was lucky enough to get at least one coat on yesterday):

roof coating

We’ll be waiting out the storm(s) and (albeit somewhat reluctantly) thanking God for this deluge on our plans and new laminate for the sake of the plants and animals and rising cost of water.

Anybody have any good tips for making a bus roof leak-proof? We’d love to hear them!

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15 thoughts on “A Soggy Interlude

  1. cool seal sold at Lowes comes in 3 different colors sold down in the lumber department very thick and is a roof sealer

  2. If you have a crack, there’s an RV sealant that comes in a roll that’s even strong enough for showers and tubs. We ordered ours through Walmart, but of course I’ve forgotten what the name of it is! Most leaks come from around the vents, so I’d start there, though! The roof should dry soon, right?!?

    1. That sounds perfect. We’ll have to look into that. Noah thinks this roof coating that he’s putting on now is probably going to wash off in the next bout of rain anyway. Ergh. He knows where the leaks are, thankfully, it’s just an issue of finding something to stick in there!

  3. I was going to ask you if you had worries of the roof leaking. It doesn’t look too bad from the photos. Does it look like a major problem or just a minor issue?

    1. Just a minor issue. It wasn’t fun to wake up to though! Noah knows where the leaks are, we just have to find something that will stick on there and dry in time for the next shower.

      1. How’s to roof today? Last nights train was crazy? Did he find something to stick before hand? I’m suggesting tarps for now, if not . It’s supposed to be here a couple days and that floor won’t take much standing water if it gets into the joints. Crazy prairie life, and you aren’t even on the prairie yet! Sheesh!

          1. Still leaking. Put another coat of Henrys on but it never set. We have buckets inside so we should be okay. I am going to find a wet patch or see if I can find that Eternabond in a store. Wahoo…

  4. Tarps in the meantime is a good idea! Do you feel that mother nature is having a little fun at your expense?!?

  5. this is your father speaking, No not darth vader, your real father,….now you of all people should know, when you buy anything like that, the first thing is to make sure the roof is sealed properly, remember the tin roof at “tempo pasa casa” hummmmm, fix it quick, and may the force be with you.

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