Snow My Goodness!

Last year, before we moved into the bus, San Diego had one of the mildest Winters I have ever experienced. With warm, dry days that allowed for shorts and flip flops, it was like an early Spring.

Had you told me then that this Winter we would wake up on New Year’s Eve in a BUS to SNOW FALLING ON THE GROUND, I don’t think I would have believed you. Yet, honest to goodness, the children were on the porch that morning running around catching snowflakes on their tongues. They were positively thrilled.

None of it actually stuck to the ground, not surprising since it hasn’t since 1967, so we decided that a trek to where the snow had REALLY fallen was in order:


They lasted about an hour making snowmen,snowman snowballs


and snow angels.snowangel

We were terribly under-dressed, as proved by the fact that Finn is wearing the gardening gloves he got for Christmas… still, they had a blast. Until their hands went numb, of course.

Afterward, we promptly ordered a propane heater from Amazon and spent the next few nights of freezing temperatures at Noah’s sister’s house (while their family was out of town) until it arrived yesterday. Hooray!

I do have to say though, the fact that we had record temps this Summer and it has already SNOWED  this winter…  it’s kind of starting to make me think this whole adventure of ours was rather ill timed, to say the least.

At any rate, I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


Sawyer would like to wish you the same, but he’s a little busy right now.



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14 thoughts on “Snow My Goodness!

  1. I love the family picture and Sawyer …. ah, to sleep like a baby! We didn’t get to have a white Christmas here this year. It doesn’t happen too often. So nice you got to visit the snow! When you don’t have it, it’s hard to justify purchasing all that snow gear!

  2. Definitely under-dressed! But I’m guessing that the thrift stores aren’t too full of snow clothes in your area…

    We had -9 one night last week up at our Little House. Yes, that’s a minus… But the wood stove kept us comfortable and the skies were blue, and it was hard to come back down the mountain to the weak sun yesterday and fog today in the valley. We had some pretty amazing sledding and a herd of elk to watch from the house, too,so although it was cold, it was a great holiday week.

    And spring is on its way- only about 4 more months…

  3. I’ve been wondering how you guys having been surviving the cold snap that came through Cali. Yesterdays high for us was -6. The low was -13 with a wind chill of like -25. We went to church and then ran like crazy people into a couple of stores, but it was not fun. So thankful we only got a couple of inches of snow, as the wind was blowing fiercely. It would have filled up our driveway again if it had really snowed. Let’s just say that the fire has been so delightful, and since we’ve no other place to go, let it snow and freeze (well, for a day or two anyway.)

    My neighbor insists that winter is only 90 more days, but he forgets that it was still snowing here in May last year. My memory is pretty good still.

    I’m glad you all had somewhere to go and stay until your heater arrived. It probably doesn’t take much to heat up your bus.

    Our washing machine water lines were frozen again all week and we tried to heat the mudroom all day with a gas heat to thaw them out. The room was like 65 -70 for several hours before the line finally cleared. DH is supposed to move it to the basement soon. We can go about 5-7 days before we need to wash clothes. Maybe we need to increase our stock of underwear and towels!

    1. Where are you guys located? Sounds like an adventure I’ve experienced a few times. I hate frozen water/sewer lines…

        1. My mother was born in Fairchild, Wisconsin (more middle of the state), but she was only 5 when they left for Washington State, so she didn’t have many stories of the cold.

          Well, at least you have nice summers, right? (9 months of winter and 3 months of poor sleddin’?)

  4. Just wanted to let you know, it can be done. I reside in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Just down the road from me, people purchased an acre, it already had a septic and well. They live there year-round and it’s been up to -40 below (this is with wind chill factors.

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