Sneak Peek

Things are SO EXCITING!

Noah and I are functioning on very, very little sleep, but it is all totally coming together and the bus is starting to look like it could actually be a home. We’ve had copious amounts of help from family this weekend and got the walls painted, floors put in, the wood waxed and polished, the oven, fridge, and bathroom scrubbed, hardware painted… the list goes on.

I’m actually taking a break from sewing a BAZILLION curtain panels right now, but I wanted to give everybody a little sneak peek at what’s been going on around here.

ARE YOU READY?international


knobs stove busfloor

curtain sewing


We will have a full-on detailed update for you all ASAP. Can’t you just NOT WAIT ONE MORE SECOND?!

Me either.

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7 thoughts on “Sneak Peek

    1. It’s not as old as it looks, actually, it’s a replica of the old Singers that was my mom’s. I just like it because it’s pretty and uncomplicated 🙂 It’s all cast-iron and made just like the old ones – heavy as a ton of bricks though.

  1. I can’t speak on the quality of the sceren frame you’re working with (As I don’t know the brand or where it was purchased). If this is a large sceren I would recommend a spreader bar across the middle of the sceren to keep the frame from bowing in. I’ll post a link to the spreader bar clips you can use to make a bar with, using another piece of sceren frame. These clips slip into the ends of the bar (frame) and are placed across the middle of the frame, spline holds the bar in.

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