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My best friend’s wedding is coming up just one short month from now (tomorrow is her bridal shower) and I am now concerned that I won’t fit into my bridesmaid dress (you know, because of our recent news). That sucker is made of satin and I’m not sure it’ll allow for my 4th baby pooch. What’s a girl to do?

Enjoy these links while I find a place that doesn’t charge an exorbitant amount to do last minute adjustments:

How Hard Should We Push Our Kids @ Simple Homeschool 

9 Ways to Challenge Consumerism in Your Life @ Becoming Minimalist 

Material Stuff Can Make You Happy @ Get Rich Slowly (for the other side of the coin)

There is No That @ Fizzle

37 Fun, Useful and Generally Worthwhile Gifts For Your Kids’ Easter Baskets @ Modern Mrs. Darcy 

Have any great links to share? 


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5 thoughts on “Quick Clicks

  1. CONGRATULATIONS on your big news! And oh my goodness, I relate all too well to the crying-on-the-toilet-seat thing. I got over that and am now wishing you all the good things from your fourth from a mom who can’t imagine life without our #4. 🙂

    (Thanks for the link love!

  2. Lucky. Congratulations, children are the most beautiful blessing one can have. I’m so happy for you all.

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