The Move Part II – The Scary Part

You guys, we made it!!

I mean, the bus made it.

To the land, that is, despite some very narrow misses with freeway overpasses.

The bus is 14 feet high. The average overpass?

15 feet.

Moments like these make you really hope those construction workers were good with a tape measure:

So that was hair-raising, but not even the last scary thing that Noah had to watch while following that behemoth down the road. There were low hanging electric wires and remember how some of us MIGHT have been concerned about it  tipping over and crushing everything in it’s path?

Well, IT ALMOST DID (skip to the last 30 seconds of this video to see my dad park the bus on what appeared to be a very slight slope . A stiff breeze would have done ‘er in):

Noah says that the video doesn’t even fully capture the precariousness of the situation. They had to park it there for just a minute to move the RV out of the leveled area where we put the bus, so it didn’t stay there.

The point is that it’s on the land. And it’s even upright!

And now we are starting to actually MOVE INTO THE BUS.

We’ve been out there the past couple days and the weather has been lovely and the sunsets have been beautiful and there haven’t been any cars racing up and down the street and I didn’t see a speck of graffiti anywhere.

It is definitely beginning to feel like home.

Were you as nervous as I was watching those videos, even knowing that everything turned out okay??

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13 thoughts on “The Move Part II – The Scary Part

    1. I know, even though Noah had sent me a picture of the bus safe and LEVEL before coming home, I was SO nervous while I was watching, waiting for the whole thing to just topple over or smash into the side of the freeway. Oy vey.

  1. Your prairie is so different from ours, Sarah! I really do have to get busy and start a blog and post pictures… Soon!

    1. Well, ours isn’t really technically a “prairie” – that’s kind of a literary stretch for Southern California. It’s an acre and a half within a semi-rural community.

      I would LOVE to see your prairie though! Send some pictures!

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