Merry Christbus!

Get it? Christmas – ChristBUS?


We have been taking a big fat break over the past few weeks. Some of our fabulous neighbors were out of town and invited us to stay in their place while they were gone. It was nice to be able to recover from giving birth (have I mentioned it was in a hallway? Because I am still getting over that) without having to climb up and down a ladder at bedtime and to have a working fridge inside the house. We’ve also been ridiculously blessed with meals from friends and family, so it truly has felt like a vacation.

However, being in someone else’s space (even with a tree and gifts from our neighbors!) somehow isn’t quite the same as being at home for Christmas. The girls were very excited to go back to the bus and deck our own halls… or hall, if you will.

The combination of the colorful LEDs and the solar lights is really nice at night:


We have a Charlie Brown-style living Christmas tree (that is both little and lopsided) that we plan to plant on the property next week. Because we had so many leftover ornaments from our tiny tree, we took some of the extras outside and decorated a lonely pine outside:


So, that’s how we’ll be celebrating the birth of Christ: in our own, cozy space with our new, cozy baby:


In OTHER news: after 9 months and some bumps along the way, we FINALLY closed on our construction loan! This means that we can get started pulling permits, which can take from 1 to 3 months on average, and THEN WE CAN ACTUALLY START BUILDING A HOUSE FOR US TO LIVE IN!

It’s a Christmas miracle.

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14 thoughts on “Merry Christbus!

  1. This reminds me of a Christmas carol, I mean a Christbus carol: “Good News, Good News”! The pictures are absolutely adorable, and that baby looks like he’s ready for football. It’s no wonder that when he decided it was time to be born, there was no stopping him! He’s gorgeous (and so are all the rest of you)!

    And the house loan is a reality? Good news, good news!

      1. “Small for a person, but big for a baby” – I love it! Since I’m from Lumberjack Country, I’m partial to his name, too!

  2. Just wanted to let you know, you’re not alone in bus living. We recently had a neighbor move in about 1 mile down the road who has a bus that they are living in on an acre of land.

  3. I also meant to wish you a Merry Christmas and a great 2015 New Year. Congratulations on your precious bundle of joy.

  4. Yes, your baby is small for a person, but big for a baby. I’m not sure how such a tiny person as yourself made such a big newborn. I have a friend who weighs about 90lbs soaking wet who had a 10lb girl. Amazing.

    I love you pictures! Just wanted to say that if you can grow and birth a baby in 9 months (plus a few days), it shouldn’t take them 9 months to get your construction loan approved! I’m so happy that you are past that and on to the permits. Even if they take a few months, at least you will feel like you are doing something and making progress. Yeah that you will soon have electricity!

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