Meet the Springfields

Noah and Sarah have been married for 7 years. Together they’ve moved 5 times, paid off over $20,000 worth of debt and are daily accomplishing the daunting task of raising fourkids in a school bus while working toward building their forever home.


Lily is a voracious reader and fantastic big sister. She loves playing with friends, reading the encyclopedia and watching Wild Kratz. She’s not a fan of anything scary and really, really wants to live in a house.


Emmaline loves homemade tacos, is supremely confident in her knowledge of everything and daytimes as a swing-set prodigy. She is constantly asking to play with her baby brother and her favorite book is Harold and the Purple Crayon.


Finnegan’s hobbies include getting into absolutely everything he can get his hands on, riding his balance bike and yelling really, really loudly. He’s never met a piece of dirt he didn’t like and frequently exercises his God given gift of free will.


Sawyer’s birth story was interesting. My water broke in a liquor store parking lot, he was born in the hospital hallway and brought home to a school bus. Such auspicious beginnings clearly denote future greatness and we await to see what he brings into the world with bated breath.


The Busosaurus  is a 1970 International Double-decker school bus that was purchased off Craigslist for $1000. It is about 400 square feet, has a non-working radiator, a fully-remodeled interior and occasionally leaks when it rains. The Springfields call it home.

double decker school bus

The Prairie is an acre and a half of land in a semi-rural area in North County San Diego.


Here’s what the bus looked like when it was first purcahsed and a video tour of the entire inside while under construction and after completion. You can now also see before and after shots of the inside.

For those who are new here, THIS is a great post to start with. Also, feel free to de-lurk HERE.

23 thoughts on “Meet the Springfields

  1. Thinking patience and prayer will be two key words for you all. So glad to be able to follow the blog and look forward to some in-person visits. During our remodel, we went 10 months without a working kitchen. I used both patience and prayers to get us through. Paul was working full-time (like Noah) and working on our place at night (like Noah), But think of all the homeschool lessons that can be taught during this adventure!

    Maybe one of the days, we will bring a picnic lunch and check out the Springfield Adventures.


  2. Hi, i found out about you from your guest post on MSM. I was intrigued with your living creativity and not having a house payment! How long are you estimating you will have to live on the bus before your house is built?

  3. I just found your site on Money Saving Mom, looking forward to following along on your journey!! How exciting! I love camping, so I’m loving your home!!

  4. I’m excited to follow your story! What a fun adventure!!

    My husband’s parents bought land in the boonies in the late 70s and lived in a pink trailer on the property for 6 years as they built their house (they had 5 kids at the time they moved from the trailer into the house). They built the house themselves as they had the money for it.

    We’ve come nearly full circle now. We aren’t in a trailer, but my husband and I (and our 3 little ones) are living rent-free in the basement of my in-laws’ house out in the boonies while we pay off six figures of law school debt.

    1. Ha! I love your blog title – that’s great!

      And, wow, what an endeavor! Isn’t it neat to be able to write about these undertakings, though? I feel like blogging has really helped boost our confidence in ourselves as we go about this whole thing and really helps me put a positive spin on things in my mind. How do you find it affects your journey?

  5. Fascinated and intrigued! Here from the lovely and industrious MSM. Many blessings to your sweet little family, from Vancouver, Washington State.

  6. Read your story in MSM . I only want to tell you that you are a lucky girl no house Payment and three treasures with you. Ok 4 counting your hubby. I always say to my daughter that everything happens for a reason and only Our Lord has the answer . Good luck in this adventure .

  7. Just came upon your blog. I want to wish you the best of luck with everything. I didn’t have to build a house, but I did renovated my apartment. It was extremely stressful for me, so I can’t even imagine how you can build a house while you have 3 children and a newborn on the way. All contractors are jerks, but I hope you find the nicest of the bunch.

  8. My wife and I have always been opposed to carrying consumer debt; Yes we did have a mortgage which we paid off as fast as we could. We’ve lived simply: avoided restaraunts, coupon shopped and kept our cars for decades. I’ve always been the handyman, plumber, farmer/gardener and she the cheft and painter.

    Living simply is the way to go – I’ve learned things don’t matter and happiness an be as simple as a home cooked loaf of bread. Good luck on your journey – you are headed down the right road.

  9. I came across your blog a while back and was fascinated by the bus. Now I’ve gone back and looked at your land pictures again because we will soon be moving to the North San Diego area from Texas. Good luck on the construction of your house!

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