Inside the Bus

Friends! We have made FIRE!


We had hot oatmeal for breakfast this morning. It was The Best. (We are using the stove in the RV for now because the gas lines in the bus are a jumbled mess.)

Now that we have the gross stuff out of the way, let me show you what things look like so far on the inside.

We are still getting everything set up and have yet to hang hooks or any other type of organizational details, but it’s workable.


You can see our computer waiting to get set up at some point and a bin of books that has now been relocated up to the kids’ bedroom.


Under the futon we have storage boxes. I have one filled with some of our homeschool supplies so far (see below) and the other two I’m keeping on reserve to see what we most need access too.


This is my favorite. I inherited this nifty piece of art/storage from my great-uncle:



And here we have a random pile of stuff waiting to be unpacked/hung on the walls. Just keeping it real, folks.


Having full-sized kitchen sink is awesome, but I am using a plastic bin to do dishes in to save water.


This is the Master Bedroom. Which is really a third the size of the kids’ room. Please note that the space between the top of the bed and the ceiling is JUST ENOUGH to allow me to smack my head on that light fixture trying to sit up in bed. Noah doesn’t even bother anymore, he just rolls to the side.


The kids’ room is probably my favorite place in the bus. I haven’t hung up the neat-o little wall-hangers yet or any of their pictures, but it’s just so cozy and fun. At night we slide their bookshelf over to cover the Gaping Pit of Death and  trap  keep them safely in their room.



Aaaand… I think that’s it.

I’ll leave you with this picture of the blooms from some unidentified fruit tree growing on our land. We thought it was dead, but it came unexpectedly to life after the rains a few weeks ago. Let us know if you recognize the blossoms:


What did I miss? Is there anything else you all want to see pictures of? I’ll take requests!

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22 thoughts on “Inside the Bus

  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE the kids room! I bet they are loving this bus-living…I know I would have at that age 🙂

  2. I look forward to your posts. Keep the pictures coming. You all have made amazing progress. It must feel great after each accomplishment!

  3. I didn’t realize there’d be a separate master bedroom for you guys. Very cool! I love it all. You are so thrifty and organized. Bus living is for you! And the saving on rent is so great!

  4. Love the kids room too! It looks so cozy. Love the house storage from your Great Uncle! Resourceful and nice to look at! Win win! I was curious where you all ate your meals. Do you have a table you can sit around? Maybe you posted before and I forgot. When you get into more of a rhythm, you’ll have to do – “A day in the life” photos.

    1. Hi Mary,
      Thank you! We are currently eating outside or at the rv dinette. Noah eventually plans on building a breakfast bar of sorts in the bus. I definitely plan on doing a “day in the life” post soon!

        1. Although, after looking more closely I have to agree with Karlyne, it does look like a plum. Guess time will tell! 🙂

  5. Love the rooms upstairs. My aunt made me the same doll quilt that is on your daughters bed. My mom was so embarrassed when I took it to college with me. It was soft and well broken in by then. I had to laugh when you said you hit you head on the light every time you sit up in bed. We have extremely low slanted ceilings in our bedrooms. Last week, I must have been dreaming and I swung my arm up and took all of the skin of my knuckle. Let’s just say it was a real wake up call! Hang in there. You can do this.

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