Ikea Finds, Fails and Futons

We took a trip to Ikea yesterday to bask in the glow of all the small-space-living solutions that Sweden has to offer. Also because we needed futon mattresses for the girls’ beds.

Now, this was only my second trip to Ikea ever because 1.) it’s like a million miles away (Google Maps shaves “a million” down to 27.9, if you’re looking for “accuracy”) and 2.) because I am easily overwhelmed and confused by large, maze-like structures, both aspects of which Ikea most definitely entails.

We traveled separately; I arrived first with all three kids in tow and Noah met us there after he got off work.ย  I had armed myself with measurements of almost every nook and cranny of the bus, a list of things I needed to look for, the Ikea catalog and a big bag of pretzels. For the kids, of course.

Small interjection here: what in the WORLD is Ikea thinking with their carts and the wheels all turning at the same time? I quite literally found myself at one point spinning around in circles trying to keep from sliding sideways into people and couches and what have you. The children were delighted, but I was about ready to sit down on an EKTORP and order everything off my phone.

Long story short: things went a lot more smoothly after Noah arrived. We wound up with a couple of these (please note: all these images include my Amazon affiliate links because that’s the easiest way for me toย  post an image with a link to the product description, but everything listed here was MUCH less expensive at Ikea. However, if you find yourself needing to buy any other low-priced wares whilst perusing via our link, please, feel free):

one of these:

a few of these:

one of these:

Oh, and one of these because it was only $15 and I couldn’t resist:

as well as some other miscellaneous storage boxes and hanging closet compartments. And, of course, the futon mattresses for the girls.

But the best part was at the end when we found this in the “As Is” section for more thanย  half off the original price:

Product description

It was getting late by the time we had lugged all our goodies home and tossed the children into bed, but Noah immediately got started dismantling the futon to make sure it fit through the hatch to the upper story where we’ll be sleeping.

Guess what?

It didn’t.

I mean, the largest piece fit THROUGH the hatch, but it couldn’t be angled enough to actually fully slide INTO the room before it hit the ceiling.

I was about ready to post it on Craigslist and be done with it, but Noah had another idea.

What idea was that, you might ask?


Well, if it won’t fit through the hatch…


it will have to go through…


the window!


Oh, that man of mine. I’m so glad he’s around.

So, now that Noah has removed that window frame we can use it to also bring the girls’ bed mattresses upstairs and I can return the futon pads that we bought yesterday. Which means, of course, another trip to Ikea.

Oh boy.

Do you have a love/hate relationship with Ikea? Let’s discuss.

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14 thoughts on “Ikea Finds, Fails and Futons

  1. I am probably the only hardware/furniture/stuff lover in the world who has never been to Ikea. Because in my case it really is a million miles off, or, in Idaho figuring, close to 500 miles to Portland, Oregon where the nearest one is. And the gas in the truck for that trip would be… astronomical! And I’d get there and be overwhelmed and bring back an empty truck.

    1. Oy, I feel you on the gas for the truck. My husband’s gets a whopping 13 miles to the gallon on the highway or something ridiculous like that. I tried to convince him to just come with us in the Murano, but it’s probably a good thing he brought it after all.

      And yes, the potential for overwhelm is definitely high in such a place.

  2. That is great it worked out. When there’s a will, there’s a way. ๐Ÿ™‚ You got me wanting to get a bus and convert it too.

  3. I love Ikea! I get loads of inspiration from all those fake rooms they set up. Plus, their prices rock my socks. I have a sectional from them that I’ve had for a little over a year now… I still love the snot out of it.ย 

    1. They DO have astoundingly low prices. But for all their kid-friendly policies, I don’t think I will ever step another foot in there alone with all three again. All they wanted to do was climb on EVERYthing and get under the covers of all the beds. If I hadn’t been trying to accomplish something it would have been kind of cute. But I was.

  4. I thought I was the only one who realised the stupidity of those ikea carts! Imagine a cart full of heavy stuff, two cranky kids, and walking down the sidewalk from the exit of the store way down to the other end of the building where the parent parking is, and the weathe ris -30 degrees, and I’m wearing highheeled boots…and we suddenly hit one of those slanty spots in the sidewalk. It took all my muscle to keep the cart from careening across the parking lot. with my son inside.

    We live about 2 minutes away, so I go there way too often. But sometimes just so I can put my 4-year-old in the play place and wander around alone. It’s blissful.

    1. Ha! One of my older kids started crying when we tried to put her in the play place and the other one started crying when we decided that we weren’t going to.

      But seriously, do you think there’s some REASON the carts are like that??

      1. I think it’s supposed to make them easier to turn. But the problem is that it makes them too easy to turn and they just go crazy! Give me a regular old grocery store cart any day.

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