On Birthing a House: A Stretched Metaphor

Hello, faithful readers.

Can I just say that I am really thankful to have kept this blog up the past couple of years? Maybe not as regularly as I’d like since a certain somebody was born, but enough so that I’ll have a relatively good record of how this has all gone down and will be able to read over it with the kids when they get older and Sawyer doesn’t believe that it even happened.

It’s already been super useful in reminding myself of the timeline of events or how long something took when somebody asks AND it’s provided a great resource to point people to when they have questions about our process because they’re interested in building their own house, as at least two other friends of mine are starting to do (one of whom requested a tour of bus because they might be interested in buying it, which would be rad).

I also will say again that it’s been awesome having you guys giving encouragement and advice along the way. So, thanks for following thus far. 🙂

Now, onto the progress pics!


This is a big one, since prior to the railing going up, we’ve basically had a gaping hole opening to a ten-foot drop onto a stairwell covered with a couple planks of wood. I couldn’t let the kids go upstairs alone and basically had a heart attack any time anybody (even an adult) took a step towards it). It’s not done yet, but it’s such a relief to see!


The front door is finally painted and I love it with the love of a thousand loves. For some reason the door didn’t come with a second hole for a deadbolt, so that still needs to be drilled, but it’s so purdy. It makes me smile every time I look at it.


My kitchen sink and faucet are installed! Be still my heart. I want to bathe a baby in it. Or maybe take a bath in it myself, I don’t know, but I am thrilled to death. And do you see that magnificent appliance next to it? I haven’t had a dishwasher for 7 years. I can’t even with this. I have lost my ability to can.


Aaaaand the kids’ bathroom! Still missing a mirror and cabinet hardware and the faucets aren’t actually hooked up, but you get the idea, right? It’s also been 7 years since we’ve had more than one bathroom for our family to share. I mean, technically we have a port-a-potty on the property for the build, which has come in handy in a pinch, but it’s not quite the same.

So, those are the big developments lately, but it still seems like there’s a TON left to do. However, we have started punching out some of the bedrooms, which is nice, and there is a cleaning crew here today to start getting the dust and debris cleaned out of the upstairs so we can actually put some furniture in them this weekend, which is a HUGE step. And I’ve already scheduled a pickup for the storage unit that’s been sitting on the property holding all our furniture, so February should be our last month paying for storage, Lord willing. If nothing else, it will at least be in the garage!

As things get closer and closer to being finished, I have been struck by the idea of how much building a house is like being pregnant with a baby. Maybe it’s because such large swaths of my adult life thus far have been consumed by these two activities, or maybe it’s because my best friend is pregnant and every time she texts me “Is your house done yet?” I reply with “Is your baby born yet?”

At any rate, the more I’ve thought about it, the more similarities I’ve discovered:

You start out with bright-eyed enthusiasm and naivete. You know (or think you know) you want this thing – a house, a baby – and you’ve seen or heard about others who have done it before you, but you have no idea what it’s ACTUALLY going to be like to get one for yourself.

You start to plan and dream and take appropriate steps.

There is a lot of waiting and Lord help you if you share your hopes with others because there will be endless requests for status updates.

Once progress actually BEGINS, the reality of it all hits you like a ton of bricks and it doesn’t seem like it could actually be real. That the nothing that was once there will become SOMETHING in such a seemingly short amount of time seems improbable, at best. There’s just too much to do. For months a large part of your brain is consumed with nothing else. Every new development is cause for celebration and it’s pretty much all you talk and think about.

When it comes to decision making about the final product, the metaphor kind of falls apart, so let’s just forget that bit.

But towards the end, as you’ve watched things develop and grow and get bigger your anticipation reaches epic proportions, so does your nervousness and anxiety. You’ve lived with this growing sense of excitement to the point where you could just burst; you LOVE this creation that you’ve watched and waited for for months, and yet, it is still a stranger to you. How will it fit within your already existing life? There will be a lot to get used to and the sense of responsibility seems overwhelming. You’re not ready for this, but you want the wait to finally be over, come what may. Just let the darn thing be done already or you’re going to scream!

What do you think, too much of a stretch?

At any rate, I haven’t reached the end yet, so I’ll let you know if building a house also ends up bloody and painful. Let’s hope not.

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15 thoughts on “On Birthing a House: A Stretched Metaphor

  1. And I know who your best friend is!!!! I’m excited about a grandchild.? Your home looks amazing and. I am so very happy for you and your family. Think of you often and wish you many many happy memories in your new home. Can’t wait to see it.

    Love, Marilee

  2. I think that’s a great metaphor, and everything is looking wonderful! I love the light fixture in the kid’s bathroom, but I am a little biased since we have the same one (in the 4 light version) in our master bathroom. 🙂 I can’t wait to redo our kitchen so I can finally have a butcher block counter on the island. Are you going to seal yours with Waterlox or do the oil treatment on it? Or something else entirely??

    1. I love those light fixtures too! I have the same fixtures in all the bathrooms and the single sconces along the stairs and upstairs hall! And yes, we plan to use waterlox on the butcherblock.

  3. This whole post made me laugh so much! I kept having to read portions to my husband so someone else would appreciate the hilarity with me.
    I LOVE the color of the outside of your house with the front door! Lovely choice!

  4. So pretty! Love the red door! And the kitchen! And the bathrooms! You have wonderful taste. Thanks for the update. It’s nice to be a part of your project!

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