Give Me a Break

Broken Ground

Remember how last week I said it was difficult to believe that we were ever actually going to have a house built?

Well, it’s a bit easier to imagine this week:




So far, we’ve gotten our septic system installed and approved, the driveway graded and the footings are almost finished being dug. We’ll probably get our final grading inspection done this Friday and then, if we have finally learned the lesson in patience that God was trying hammer into our brains, we should be able to get our building permit. Which will be glorious.

This is what a septic tank looks like, in case you were curious:


Broken Leg?

In other news, we had a little mishap that might have involved a wet trampoline:


The x-rays didn’t show an obvious fracture, but the Urgent Care doc said that in small kids sometimes a break might not show up. Since he still can’t put any weight on his left leg they splinted it and we’re scheduled to see an orthopedic specialist this week. So I now have two little boys who can’t walk, but only one lap. Sigh.

Broken Sink

On the bright side, maybe this will keep Finn out of trouble for a while. Last week, amongst other miscellaneous toddler acts of destruction activities, he managed to snap our kitchen faucet in half trying to climb up on the counter. Noah happened to have an extra, somewhat defective one on hand. Unfortunately, it’s not quite a perfect fit:


Just another temporary solution for this temporary situation.

Breaking Into Social Media

I know that’s kind of a stretch with the whole “break” theme, but, you guys, I’ve just discovered this new app – not sure if you’ve heard of it – called Instagram. You can follow me @UsWithTheBus and see what our life looks like… with filters!

From IG:


“Lily is so tired of living in the bus, she’s decided to upgrade.”

I’d love to see you guys on there as well! 🙂

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6 thoughts on “Give Me a Break

  1. Poor baby (which really means “poor Mama”)! He looks like he’s being stoic, though, and I hope that lasts!

    And congrats on all the dirt-moving!!!

  2. Congratulations on the progress! I hope your soon isn’t in too much pain, that warm weather isn’t causing too much itching and swelling under the splint and/or cast, and that he’s soon healed.

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