Forward Progress

One of three friendly visitors we’ve had in the bus over the past few weeks

We left off last week on kind of a negative note: I was still coming to terms with the distressing news of my untimely fourth pregnancythe kids were unhappy with our living situation and there were water leaks, solar panel issues and other issues making things generally more difficult for us. 

One of the issues contributing to our difficulties is that in addition to getting us up and going from scratch out here, Noah is also working at least 40 hours a week at the job he gets paid for. Which means that a free weekend to get things done can make a huge difference.

This weekend was one of those.

I would like to make it perfectly clear once again that I am absolutely of no practical use to Noah whatsoever with regard to any of the work that he has done and continues to do. During the day I finagle the kids and make sure they don’t starve or lose any limbs but once 4 PM hits I transform into a pulsating, life-growing blob that occasionally shouts commands into the general vicinity surrounding the downstairs futon. (This is so close to actually being true it’s almost embarrassing to write.)

In two days Noah was able to:

-Get both of our living areas- the bus & rv – completely level. The bus was off-kilter to the point where the kids’ beds kept slowly sliding into their closet and I was waking up in the morning smashed between Noah and the wall.

-Fix all the water leaks so that we can keep both the cold AND hot water running. Prior to this if we wanted to, say, go to the bathroom, we would have to turn the water on at the main, do our business, flush and then go turn it back off again.

-Hook up our washing machine! It’s only for cold loads and it runs off the RV’s generator and I still need to rig up a clothes line, but YAY! I never thought I’d miss a chore so much!

-Fix the problem with the solar panel. It turned out to be a simple connection issue that was solved with a large wire-nut. Now we can waste energy to our hearts’ content! We’ve been leaving lights on during the day just because WE CAN (this is totally and completely untrue).

He’s just amazing, isn’t he? Aren’t you so impressed? I am. I try to convey that to him through my obnoxious pregnancy sickness by emanating waves of affection in his general direction from the couch. And by bragging about him here to everyone.

So, things are looking up for us around here. Now that the basics are handled we can start on some of the other plans we have for our little space to make it more enjoyable instead of just a never-ending chore. More to come on that soon!

Also: thank you all so much for the encouraging comments and emails last week. Your words were so sweet and more appreciated than I can tell you. It is so heartening to know that you are rooting and praying for us! 

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19 thoughts on “Forward Progress

  1. I was thinking the exact same thing as Bekah so I’ll just add yay for awesome handy husbands! I have one too, and they are gifts from God. So glad things are moving ahead. Hope you feel a little better soon. 🙂

  2. That is great news, very happy for you all. Sarah you too do a lot; being a loving, caring mom is a lot of work. And a great wife. You might get in these spots where you think negative but in the end you are really blessed with great health, a home and an opportunity to grow and nurture your dreams and take your lovely family on a journey together. 🙂

  3. A friend just told me about your blog and said that I would like it- since our little family is living in a bus on the prairie as well. I can relate to EVERYTHING you have shared and struggled with and am in the midst of it all as well. I couldn’t stop reading, laughing, and crying over all your posts. I just had to write to encourage you… Our oldest daughter (now 4) was 17 months old when we first moved out into the middle of nowhere in a friends little silver streak camper. We had no running water and our electricity was what we could get from an electric cord run from our neighbors. The plan was to build our big yurt/house by the end of the summer…. Lets just say we are going on year number four since then. Our second was born in that tiny camper with no running water (yes we took bucket baths and have a compost toilet)… Last year we were extremely blessed to purchase our converted school bus- it’s just one story, not a double decker like yours, but after two years of tiny camper living it feels like a mansion! It has running water!!! and electricity! It’s amazing how much we take for granted until we go without for a while. Anyway. all that to say is that when we first started our adventure I had the attitude that I just need to survive this for a little bit until we can get things going the way we want them… well due to uncontrolled circumstances, things didn’t happen the way I wanted or as fast I want. I have had to change my focus on not just surviving this time with my family but to be fully present and live life right now with my kids. They can’t wait until we get our dreams going to live life.. I just try to take things as they come and keep going. I am now expecting our third blessing in July. After the initial shock of trying to figure out how we are all going to keep fitting in the bus (sleeping space and clothing storage are my most challenging obstacles), I am excited about our new baby and the challenges and blessings he/she will bring. I have learned that organization, keeping things VERY simple (including toys, clothes, food, ect), and not having high expectations on how things are ‘supposed’ to be, are very important to my sanity! That and lots of PLEASE HELP ME GET THROUGH THIS GOD! It is fun to see someone on a similar journey and pray that your experience will bring you all closer together.

  4. Sarah, I love reading your blog. I must admit I’m a little jealous of your adventure and the fact that your kids are still young enough to go along with it. We live way out in the middle of nowhere and last week we took the kids to the big city ( 1-1/2 hours away) to see a movie and just get out. When we were pulling out of the parking lot I saw several vans that were vendors for a homeschool conference. I wanted to go so bad, even though my son graduated two years ago and my daughter goes to school online now. I so miss those days when they were young and we spent so much time reading together and doing projects. It was such a fun time. Now is good too, just different.
    I’m glad to hear that you are getting things working. Noah sounds like a great guy. I also married a very handy man and I can’t imagine it any other way. I told my daughter to make sure she either finds someone who can fix things or a rich man, so she can afford to hire one. Seriously, it is a real blessing to have a willing and able husband. And Noah is blessed to have a wife like you who is willing able to be a great mother and wife. Thanks for sharing your adventure with us.

    1. Don’t worry, Shawn! With any luck someday you’ll have grandkids to take to those homeschool events!

      1. Thanks, Karlyne. Maybe I’ll just go and buy myself some books. We are addicted to books in this house. My daughters dream is to be an author and librarian! Her main criteria if we ever move is that the city has to have a huge library.

        1. Now that’s funny, Shawn! I have a daughter who’s written three books and is finishing off a book of short stories, writes for several magazines, and teaches ballet. The other daughter? She’s a librarian! (and teaches ballet, too) However, it is a small library in a small town!

          I have so many books I don’t know what to do…

          1. Sarah, she wrote a YA trilogy, Shadows Gray (Falling, and Lost), but NOT 50 Shades of Grey! They were published at about the same time, and she’d never heard of it until she got a review of her own book that talked about its eroticism. She about had a heart attack! She writes for HEDUA (homeschooling magazine) and is on staff at MaryJanes Farm magazine (the best magazine out there and about the only one I pay for) and guest writes for others, too.

            Oh, her name is Melyssa Williams, by the way, and her new book is “The Alarming Side Effects of Books and Other Tales”.

    2. Thank you Shawn, but it cracks me up that you’re jealous of our adventure. So far it feels like all I’ve posted about are our problems and trials! Honestly, I have had pretty much ZERO opportunities for fun projects and have even slipped on the read alouds (which is REALLY unusual for us). I’m sick and tired and cranky and I must beg you to please temper your envy of our extremely glamorous lifestyle and be thankful for the season that you are in 🙂

      Also: I think that I married a handy man because my dad is a handy man too, so I think your daughter has a good shot of making that choice as well!

      1. Yes, that is why I married one too. My dad could fix anything. Of course, he used a lot of tie wire (being an ironworker) and whatever else was handy. I’ve been reading a lot of the building plans on Ana Whites blog for building furniture and things like cabinets, etc. I’m rather inspired to give it a try. I think I inherited my dads view that homemade must be better!

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