Why are you living in a bus?

We are trying to save money to build a home of our own. More about that here.

Where did you get the bus?

Off Craigslist.

How much did you pay for it?

One thousand dollars. Here’s what it looked like when we bought it and after we updated it.

What are you going to do with it when you finally move into your house?

We haven’t decided yet. We’ve gotten several offers to buy it, suggestions to keep it as a guest-house and we might even just keep it for nostalgia’s sake.

Do you have electricity and water on the land?

We currently run all our electricity off of one solar panel, but we have a water-meter on site. The solar panel lets us run our computer, charge our phone, use lights at night and run fans when it’s hot. Not usually all at the same time, but it works. We can’t run a fridge, an AC unit or  washing machine off of it though. For the washing machine we use a generator and we cook, run a small mini-fridge and a hot-water-heater off of propane.

Do your kids LOVE living in the bus?


I’m thinking about moving into a trailer/RV/bus for a while. Should I?


Are you really planning on bringing a newborn home to a bus?


How is homeschooling in a bus going?

About like this.

Are you saving TONS of money?

Not at first, but now we are!

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