Today marks one month since we officially moved into the bus and I keep coming back to the same five things we learned our first week after moving in.

Each one still holds true – especially the part about the dirt. There is just no way to keep things clean enough. I find myself at the grocery store slapping the dirt out of my jeans and sometimes the kids look like they’re paying homage to the era of the dust-bowl:


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There are moments when I am washing dishes in the kitchen of the bus, barefoot and pregnant, and I think to myself: this is seriously just too cliche for words. 

I wish I would have written more about what my expectations were before moving out here, because I think it would probably be hilarious to compare them to reality. There would have been no talk of septic problems, definitely not even the mention of getting pregnant and in my head I’m sure I would have painted a picture of the kids LOVING living in the bus. 

I would have written about the hope of a simplified lifestyle, socking away hundreds of dollars every week that would have normally been spent on rent and eating fresh food from our garden grown with soil made from our very own compost.

The reality is that we’ve had tons of complications and problems and have had to spend pretty much almost every extra penny this month fixing them. We’ve been eating takeout off and on depending on  how I feel that day and whether the fridge in the rv is working (it’s been turning itself off randomly resulting in a lot of spoiled food).

Reality so rarely matches up with our expectations, but we have a choice about whether to sit and pout about it or to deal with life on life’s terms. 

When we make the choice to accept things as they are we can stop wasting time wishing things were different and start looking for opportunities to work with what we’ve got.

Currently, what we’ve got includes a lot of space to run and a great breeze:


Why yes, that is a headlamp on Lily’s head in the middle of the day. What about it?




Finally flying


There are always things to be frustrated about, but there are always things to be grateful for as well. Today I am grateful that there aren’t any power lines directly on our property. 

What are you choosing to be grateful for today? 

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4 thoughts on “Expectations

  1. Oh boy, I can relate to the dirt! We have a small pop-up camper, and it’s incredible how many times I have to sweep the floors daily when we camp because of the dirt that’s constantly tracked in, and that’s even with a large fake grass rug we throw down outside the door for the dogs to hang out on.

    And everything is always more expensive than you expect it to be when you move – even into a bus I guess! 😉 It’s hard when all those unexpected costs add up and eat away all the savings you were looking forward to. Hopefully, once the early kinks get worked out, you’ll be saving a bunch more. I’m very excited to see your floor plan soon!

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