Our To Don’t List (and some Quick Clicks)

I think (hope) I have made it abundantly clear these past couple months that we have been purely in survival mode over here.

If we had a do-over of the whole moving into the bus thing there are probably about ten gajillion things that we would have tried to better prepare or research or plan or budget for (remind me to write a post about all of them sometime). And yet, diving right into the thick of it, while obviously exhausting and sometimes disgusting, has still been something that I don’t think we will ever regret.

Things are somewhat calming down. Kind of. Our fridge is broken so we are eating out of a cooler again, but honestly? Not as bad as it sounds – it’s actually pretty fantastic to have icy cold milk all the time. We’re just kind of going with the camping vibe and not rushing out to get the fridge fixed (although we will eventually because ice is expensive).

In light of things calming down and feeling a bit more homey and peaceful, I wanted to post my own To Don’t Do list (which I also alluded to in this post), so y’all can get a feel for everything that is NOT happening during this particular season of our life which is allowing us to actually take a breather for a while and not just jump into a whole nother season of stress and busyness.

We are NOT currently: 

-Gardening or composting


-Making pretty much anything from scratch

-Doing any formal homeschool work (e.g. worksheets, math curriculum, etc.)


-Attending a lot of events that we are invited to

-Making our bed (this has most to do with the fact that I don’t consider the pay-off to be worth smacking my head on the ceiling so many times to get it done)

-Doing a ton of blogging on any sort of schedule

-Enrolling the kids in sports/dance/swim lessons

-Hosting a “Bus-Warming Party”

-On Facebook at all

-Vacationing anywhere exotic

-Getting any animals or pets

-Feeling guilty about any of it

However, we ARE:

Doing a lot of swinging

-Staying on schedule with sleep, including Finn’s nap and an early bedtime for everyone (usually)


-Getting to know our neighbors

-Eating outside (which makes pretty much every meal feel like a picnic – especially for the kids since Noah’s mom sent them this awesome picnic table <— that’s an affiliate link – if you buy anything at all from Amazon via that link, we get a small percentage at no additional cost to you.)

 -Leaving a lot of margin in order to be able to say yes to things we really want to do AND in preparation for the many things that could potentially go wrong

Now, here are some fantastic links for your weekend:

Why Vinegar is NOT a Great Natural Cleaner @ Keeper of the Home – I gave up on vinegar a while ago because it just was NOT getting things clean (I even did the whole citrus vinegar cleaner thing) and this post validated my feelings about it.

Organised (Enough) @ Slow Your Home

How to Cope When You’re in a Dying Industry @ Penelope Trunk – kind of a non-sequitur, but still a good read.

On Parenting Teens @ Jen Hatmaker – We’re far from this point yet, but posts like this make me happy for the future.

The Thrift Store Can Be Your (Nearly Free) Storage Unit @ The Art of Simple – my luck at our local thrift shops tends to be haphazard – probably due to the fact that that is also an apt description of how often I frequent them.

Aaaand… done. Have a fabulous weekend. We will be sitting on swings with our books and our food and going to bed early. Hallelujah.

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3 thoughts on “Our To Don’t List (and some Quick Clicks)

  1. Just one suggestion. As you’re not making your bed, put the pillow on your head to fluff it, pull the sheet up as you’re exiting, and throw the comforter at the bed as you’re on the ladder. I just hope the smoke alarm never goes off while you all are sleeping… You do have concussion insurance, right?

    1. Oy, we should look into that coverage! And something that sort of helps is that we aren’t using a top sheet at all. I love them in the winter for helping keep the warmth in, but in summer time, I’m fine without anything.

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