3 Things We DON’T Miss About Living in a House

This has been a rougher week than most.

My best friend Sarah‘s wedding was Saturday (the bridesmaid dress wound up fitting, albeit just barely). It was a lovely event – my friend was gorgeous, the weather was perfect and everything went off without a hitch… until 2 am the following morning when nearly everyone in attendance woke up with a severe case of food poisoning from the catering.

As awful as you can imagine it would be to have food poisoning on top of first trimester morning sickness and have to climb up and down a ladder to get to the bathroom, it doesn’t compare to the bride’s poor mother who passed out, wound up being rushed to the hospital to have her stomach pumped and is currently still in ICU.

Whatever bacteria was in those tacos was NOT messing around.

In addition, our fridge decided to give out while the temperature hovered around 100 degrees which resulted in spoiled food and last minute eating out. Oh, and this morning Noah woke up with a sore throat, runny nose and slight fever.

We’re not in superb shape over here.

So, in light of the absolute disaster the last few days have turned out to be, today I am reminding myself of some of the things we DON’T miss about living in a house.

1. Paying Rent

This is a pretty obvious one and it’s something we keep coming back to again and again. Despite the hard work and inconveniences and even the additional expenses that keep cropping up, we are no longer throwing away over $1200 on rent every single month. Even the additional expenses are, for the most part, going toward things that we will be able to use in the future (solar panels, etc.)

2. Lack of Space

Even though we’ve downsized from over 900 square feet to around 400 we actually wound up with a larger bathroom, which is nice. We no longer have neighbors just yards away on either side of us and a fenced in backyard.  We now have an acre and a half to roam around on, plant a garden in and do whatever else we choose with. It is very freeing.

3. A Sense of Complacency

Noah made this point and I have to agree with him. When we were living in our house, no matter what problems we had or things we “wanted” to do, it was so much easier to just… not. As long as we were comfortable, we could have gone on the same way only making tiny little pseudo-strides toward progress for who knows how long? Now we might be uncomfortable, but it’s the kind of discomfort that leads to change.

Another thing I have to remind myself when things get frustrating is that some things would be challenging no matter what our living situation was. Food poisoning is terrible whether you’re living in a mansion or a double-decker bus, I would still have 3 children to parent and a VERY active 14-month to chase around, messes would still be made, keys would get lost and attitudes would need adjusting.

Over and over again we keep coming to the same conclusion: the situation doesn’t matter – it’s our perspective that makes the difference.

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17 thoughts on “3 Things We DON’T Miss About Living in a House

  1. Oh wow, that’s so awful about the food poisoning! I really hope the bride’s mother will be ok. What a terrible thing to happen on your wedding day.

    1. I heard her mom was doing better, although still in ICU. It sounds terrifying, but I’m thinking she’s going to be fine. It is seriously one of the worst things you could have happen on your wedding day :/

  2. This may go down as one of the worst weddings ever; I’m so sorry for your friend and her mother! My fingers are crossed that it all turns out ok, and someday they’ll laugh at it.

    And I’m loving your points; Noah is so very right that complacency does NOT lead to good changes. What’s the old bumper sticker? “Change is inevitable, but growth is optional”? Happy Growing! (in more ways than one, chuckle)

    1. Just to let you know, many of the reviews on Yelp are showing up under the ‘not currently recommended’ so that many people won’t see them. They also don’t effect the star rating, though I can’t imagine that anyone would give them a good review. Still, just though you might want to know so you can contact yelp if you need to. Wishing you the best in your attempt to be compensated for this.

      1. Thank you kurt, I saw that. From what I can tell it happened automatically because so many people created yelp accounts specifically to review this company after the event. The two that remained on there were from people who had active yelp accounts previously. Thanks for the heads up!

  3. It’s so fun to follow along with you on your journey. The food poisoning part sucks though. We will all be rejoicing with you when you move into your new house!

  4. So sorry to hear of the food poisoning and hope everyone will recover.

    I think your points are straight on. My husband and I learned you should never make your TS(temporary shelter) too comfortable. It took us forever to get out and get to it.
    He also says without adversity there is no adventure.

    Keep plugging away. And thanks for letting us in on your adversity/adventure.

  5. I am so happy for you 2……. and of course for the lucky kids that God blessed you with.

    You 2 are so aware and adaptable……. There are lemons and of course lemonade….. Very lucky you 2 are…. I’m proud of you and glad that you found the right person in life…. Great dispositions… Both of you.

    Life is……. inside the box or outside, outside can be way more fulfilling and interesting.

    You’ve only just begun….. wait until you get a few more undisturbed weekends behind you…….. I’ve even seen some pretty fun looking tree houses lately that I wouldn’t mind staying in for a while…… your situation will get better and better……. through the way to an end.

  6. Wow, I hope you are feeling better by now. I got food poisoning at Outback Steakhouse when we lived in Hawaii. It was awful, so I’m sure doubly so when pregnant. Yuk!

    It’s true that discomfort prompts change. We moved into our 90 year old house as soon as we had the bathroom working right. We had two beds in the living room while we worked on the kitchen and bedrooms. Very fun. Plus a new puppy that was not house trained! Not fun. Especially in the winter. Sleeping altogether in the living room got us very motivated to finish a couple of rooms. Well, they are still not all finished, but at least they were made livable at the time.

    Keep looking on the bright side.

  7. Hello Sarah, Glad to see you growing. heading forward to your goal, you’ll reach it . I’m speaking from experience, we did thing a little different we bought a fixer I hear you on the rent thing, we didn’t pay rent for about 20 years, so we saved, which helped us reach out goal. Thanks for the heads up on the catering service I’ll be djing a party in Ramona they’ll be serving Mexican food sure don’t want any food poisoning, wish you all the best The Old Bus Guy Dave

  8. You need to write a book about this adventure and make some money. Who knows maybe they will even do a tv show about you. I think it would make a great book and great tv.

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